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Can Small Businesses Benefit from Private Cloud?

PaaS or also known as Power as a Service is a private cloud model where a particular client has access to physical pool of computing resources through virtualized environment. In short, the client is running programs, storing data or backing up details in virtual environments that are provided by the servers, which are in various physical location on their own. While the organizations may set up their private cloud networks, a lot of them opt to use secure network provide through third parties as they take the responsibility and hassle of maintenance and management off their shoulders.


Defining the private cloud services from the technical point of view is more challenging since technical aspects of giving the service may differ. But rather, majority of providers consider categorizing cloud services based on the types of features that every level offers including extra storage space or improved security.


Private clouds vary from the public clouds in that they provide high network security levels and are made for the only use of clients. On contrary, public cloud services are frequently accessed through different clients who use resources from one server on same public networks. By contrast, private clouds get their resources from the physical servers yet such servers aren’t accessible to just anybody. They might be hosted internally, employ secured encryption, and privately leased to ensure secure network connection.


Who Can Use Private Cloud Solutions?

Private cloud solutions are perfect for different organizations from an enterprise level organization that’s in need of different data storage amounts to government organizations, which require secure environment to carry out the sensitive tasks. As a matter of fact, a lot of kinds of organizations like government agencies, financial organizations, corporations, schools, healthcare providers and so on use private cloud networks through law requirement or due to security, it enables them to provide their customers.


Advantages of Private Cloud Network

Due to the similarities that private cloud shares with LAN, many organizations prefer this. With this in mind, it is not as good of a jump for businesses that have been using a LAN in the past to relocate a part of their data to cloud. Such a move comes with some benefits like the following:


  • Improved Security – While the public clouds may offer a particular security level, you would not consider storing your most sensitive details on them. In terms of proprietary data, customer information or financial statements, the private cloud networks may help ensure that your details stay out of the wrong hands. In private cloud networks, every organization has an access to its certain pool of resources, which are accessible from behind that the firewall of the organization through dedicated leased lines and onsite internal hosting.
  • Increased Control – When compared to public cloud services where you could be locked into predetermined network setup, the private networks offer more control and flexibility. Through private cloud, organizations may set up their networks in a way, which works best for them rather than the need to adapt their processes. The increased control means less effort and time on their part, yet there’s a tradeoff. Oftentimes, increased control needs centralized management tool that could make private cloud networks hard to scale without experienced IT experts on hand.


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